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Hi, This is Iknoor Somal & I love myself & my skin. I have started this blog to be as informative as possible about beauty, make-up & style. It all started until a few years after my marriage, quite a lot of people used to question me about my complexion, skin care routine. I was actually amazed by the knowledge that many a people had no clue as to how to go about achieving similar results.Initially on my own, I explored the world of beauty & style which led me to research and dabble with ideas & formulation for DIY products, Tips & Hacks. My hubby, having experiences from the fashion & events industry, has been very supportive & encouraging me in my own ventures. I then soon found and got myself enrolled for a comprehensive course as a Style & Image Consultant. Surprisingly enough, this piqued my interest in wanting to create a range of natural products and am currently undergoing the certification & training to formulate Ideal Beauty Products.

Tips, Tricks & Hacks

Since May 2017, I have been active on Instagram for just a little more than  two months. You can use the social button to check out my Instagram account at inspirebeauty_online. I now have started this blog to use it to advise more and more visitors to use this post to gain all they can from it about Beauty, Make-Up, Fashion & Style.

For starters I shall be covering Tips , Hacks & Informative using Visual DIY posts.

This is my very first blogsite. Don’t be quick to judge me.

The more queries & feedback you all provide, the more I can try to improve on my blog.  You help me, I’ll help You.


Iknoor Somal



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